Pick your own

Freely handpick apples at Verger Lamarche… in a different way! Here, time stops and embraces calmness, family picnic and well deserved rest! Here, apples hold on trees and quietly wait to be picked.

Tractor Rides

Across apple trees filled with fruits, discover a wide range of apples variety thanks to our informative panels strategically placed on your path. You will be lead to the heart of the orchard, where kids could handpick a full bag of apples, waiting to be bitten or cooked.

Tractor rides are available during weekends at every time. Please contact Verger Lamarche to know the availabilities of tractor rides during weekdays.

Small Farmhouse – Cancelled for Season 2021

Many farm animals are living around the Orchard Lamarche: rabbits, chickens and goats will delight adults and children in the rural setting of our beautiful orchard.

Country Style Boutique

End your tour of Verger Lamarche by a visit to our country style boutique where you will find every Chantepom’s products (ciders, musts, butter, jelly, syrup, vinegar and apple juice freshly pressed) as well as numerous regional artisans works.

Gourmet Bistro

Delight yourself with apple in all its forms by stopping at our gourmet bistro. Have a bit of our famous apple crepes, let yourself tempted by our delicious apple crisp and sip some of our renowned coffee specially roasted by Barista MTL.

  • Crepe meal Buckwheat flour, stuffed with ham cooked in apple juice, Jarlsberg cheese, warm apples, cider béchamel, served with a green salad and homemade vinegar.
  • Crepe breakfast Stuffed with warm apples, garnished with fresh fruits and homemade custard. Coffee included
  • Crepe Plain Served nature with choice of: maple or apple syrup, apple jelly or apple butter
  • Crepe dessert Stuffed with warm apples, garnished with vanilla ice cream and homemade chocolate sauce.
  • Apple pie
  • Apple and sugar pie
  • Sugar pie
  • Apple crisp
  • Orchard’s salad Mix of lettuces, served with ham cooked in apple juice, cheese and homemade vinegar
  • Potato and Carrot Soup (served with small bread)
  • Ham and Cheese Panini
  • Homemade Salad – Panini
  • Potato and Carrot Soup – Panini
  • Panini – Soup – Salad
  • Grilled Cheese with warm apples and Cheddar
  • Grilled Cheese – Homemade Salad


  • Plain Omelette (toast – ham – potatoes)
  • Swiss Cheese Omelette (toast – ham – potatoes)
  • French Toast with warm apples
  • Plain French Toast (apple or maple syrup)
  • French Toast with fresh fruits (apple or maple syrup)


Cider House

Discover how are made our different apple’s products: Chantepom ciders, musts, apple juice that are transform on spot at the orchard and are available in our country style boutique as well as in every retail stores.


Who can resist the mouth-watering fragrance of homemade donuts? Come by the Verger Lamarche donuttery to taste our different range of donuts and bring some home to have the delight last.