New 355 ml size for our Chantepom products


In order to better meet the expectations of our loyal consumers, we are pleased to offer a brand new format for our apple musts and apple ciders. In addition to our 750 ml sizes, our 250 ml bottles are growing and are now available in 355 ml sizes to offer you even more of our tasty products from orchard located in the Lower Laurentians in St-Joseph-du-Lac!

Even more cider and apple juice Chantepom for your Summer celebrations with this new 355 ml size! To buy our products, visit Lamarche Orchard during the apple season, visit our year-round boutique located in St-Joseph-du-Lac or visit one of our many points of sale throughout Quebec (Metro, IGA, Loblaws, etc.).


Mout de pomme Chantepom

Chantepom Apple Must

Chantepom’s sparkling apple must is a festive drink made only from pure 100 % natural apple juice. Our juice is not pasteurized to ensure the fruity aroma is not lost. Rather, it is extracted from fresh apples, and then 99,9% microfiltered and aerated to give it its’ sparkling character. Our apple must contains no sugar, water or colouring and it is never made from concentrate.


Apple & Cranberry Must

As is the case for all Chantepom products, this apple and cranberry must draws its main character from apples, adding a subtle hint of cranberries that reduces the sweetness and gives it a more refreshing tone. Its lovely rosé colour sets it apart from its sibling and is ideal for special occasions or to add a little spice to everyday life.

Our apple musts are now available in a 750 ml and 355 ml bottles everywhere in Québec!



Chantepom Apple Cider

Our Chantepom cider is a light, sparkling cider with 5 % alcohol. This fine bubble cider is made in the fall from freshly picked and pressed orchard apples. Slow fermentation of the apples produces a unique, lively and expressive flavour.


Chantepom Rosé Cider

Our Chantepom rosé cider is a light, sparkling cider with 6,5% alcohol. It’s sublime apple-cranberry blend offers benefits of natural ingredients without additives. It has a dry and crisp character that makes it ideal for accompanying an appetizers or a meal.


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