Discover our 2014 menu

Season opens under the sun and our team are more than happy to offer you a wide range of delicious dishes with our new 2014 revisited menu. Classics are always there (crepes and apple crisps), but Julie and her team also propose you joyful novelties: donuts and coffee specially roasted for Verger Lamarche.


  • Crepe meal Buckwheat flour, stuffed with ham cooked in apple juice, Jarlsberg cheese, warm apples, cider béchamel, served with a green salad and homemade vinegar.
  • Crepe breakfast Stuffed with warm apples, garnished with fresh fruits and homemade custard. Coffee included
  • Crepe Plain Served nature with choice of: maple or apple syrup, apple jelly or apple butter
  • Crepe dessert Stuffed with warm apples, garnished with vanilla ice cream and homemade chocolate sauce.
  • Apple pie
  • Apple and sugar pie
  • Sugar pie
  • Apple crisp

 Crêpe repas1 Crêpe repas2


  • Orchard’s salad Mix of lettuces, served with ham cooked in apple juice, cheese and homemade vinegar
  • Potato and Carrot Soup (served with small bread)
  • Ham and Cheese Panini
  • Homemade Salad – Panini
  • Potato and Carrot Soup – Panini
  • Panini – Soup – Salad
  • Grilled Cheese with warm apples and Cheddar
  • Grilled Cheese – Homemade Salad


  • Plain Omelette (toast – ham – potatoes)
  • Swiss Cheese Omelette (toast – ham – potatoes)
  • French Toast with warm apples
  • Plain French Toast (apple or maple syrup)
  • French Toast with fresh fruits (apple or maple syrup)